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Andrew Howard Arndts (aka Edsall) bd 03/05/67

Andrew Howard Arndts aka Edsall bd 03/05/67
  • (06-29-06 to 04-28-13) 103 Irwin Ave #3 Albion MI 49224
  • (11-03-08 to 12-30-08) 409 Clinton St Albion MI 49224
  • (09-30-95 to 11-29-08) 219 S Pearl St Albion MI 49224
  • (11-30-93 to 11-30-93) 2030 4th St Milan IL 61264
  • (04-30-93 to 05-30-93) 6173 Henry St Norton Shores MI 49441
  • (02-08-99 to 09-17-06) 1413 Club House Rd Conway SC 29526
  • (07-30-92 to 09-29-95) 195 Apple Ave #2 Muskegan MI 49440
  • (07-31-92 to 04-29-93) 86 E East Ave Albion MI 49224
  • (03-30-94 to 07-11-01) 29444 N C Dr Albion MI 49224 (% mom, Janice Arndts)*
  • (11-12-00 to 11-12-00) 2069 Mikes Rd Conway SC 29526
  • (11-30-93 to 07-12-01) 195 W Apple Ave #2 Muskegan MI 49440
  • (10-31-98 to 10-31-98) 29444 N C Dr Albion MI 49224 (% mom, Janice Arndts)*
  • (12-31-97 to 12-31-97) 19243 26 Mile Rd Albion MI 49224
  • 39555 San Ignacio Rd Hemet CA 92544
  • 10729 State Route 366 Lakeview Russells Point OH 43331
  • 11847 Sunburst Ave Lakeview OH 43331

The 29444 N C Drive Albion MI was Andrew's mother's residence and it contains a billboard that is rented out either as taxable income or as cash under the table. Janice passed away at her home on September 6, 2008 after a lengthy illness and in the Abion Obituary, Alexander Meyer who is also her grandson was not listed. Paternity was established in 2004 in which DNA proved that Andrew H. Arndts was Alex's biological father. If all grandchildren were left something in Janice's will, as of 03/21/14, he has received nothing and this will may have had John Arndts, a lawyer from Grand Rapids, MI as the executor. Also, curiously Janice had a realtor's license and does Andrew follow in her footsteps?

From Alex's birth in 1997 to 2004 when paternity was finally established after Andrew moved from state to state to avoid DNA Paternity testing after signing an Affidavit of Intent to Claim Paternity when I was seven months pregnant; note that no child support was ordered or paid for those 8 years that Andrew moved from state to state to avoid paternity. The Coldwater Michigan Office of Friend of the Court has reviewed the records and determined the past-due support amount on October 31, 2013 is $12,343.02, which exceeds the statutory amount allowed ($10,000). The address shown on this Motion to Show Cause was the Clinton Address at the top of this page and not the Irwin St address which is more recent.  Are enforcement officers going to his old address on Clinton and missing him?  Since Andrew did not show up for a show cause hearing on 02/25/14 at 2PM his driver's, occupational and recreational licenses were supposed to have been suspended at that hearing for failing to appear or pay the arrearage in full. If the arrearage of $12,343.02 is divided by the monthly amount ordered of $310 then it shows that the previous 39 months or over three years was unpaid though court-ordered. That is a total of 11 years unpaid child support to date out of my son's 16 years of life. We have lost all our possessions and are hoping to start over in a new apartment outside of Atlanta, GA where someone must need such an educated and skilled office worker/manager as  It would be nice for Andrew to catch up on the child support and pay the court listed arrearages of over $12,343.02 and add those first eight years at  $310 * 8 * 12 or $29,760 for a grand total of $42,103 to replace all our apartment's contents, buy a used car and pay ahead 6 months of rent to ensure that we do not end up living with relatives and friends again.  Alex enjoyed only 4 Christmases and Birthdays out of 16!  He deserves his own room and a decent life-style.  He can live at home with me while completing his senior year of HS and 4-5 years of college because he never really got a decent childhood.  Where is our family's justice?
When do we get enforcement in this male dominated world that allows and supports men abandoning children and the women that they purposely impregnated. You see, Andrew used a condom twice and bragged about getting me pregnant on purpose. How many other children are being raised by the state?  All 15 states need to change their family law and that once paternity is established by the family court then order child support from birth and not the date of paternity establishment.  That infant still needed a roof over his head, furniture, medical care....  Once a father is established to be the biological father-- order child support from birth and not only save on state assistance but not reward the father for avoiding paternity and punish the child with unnecessary poverty for being born.

Cheryl E Arndts (Port Charlotte FL where Andrew was found for paternity)
Jennifer Marie Arndts (aka Edsall, Jeni Thoms Arndts)
Kimberly Frick Arndts
Chris Arndts
Arthur Arndts
Jason Taylor Arndts (Andrew's son)
James Dean Arndts (Andrew's son)
Judd Arndts

Tara Bratten, Craig Oliver, Jon Monson, Amanda Copeland, Jack Gaynor,

AHA Entertainment Productions, LLC in Kalamazoo MI with listed annual revenue of $37,000
Greenhorn Comic Abion MI
Mythos Archery Abion MI

1985 Graduated from Albion Senior HS
1996 Davenport College, Battle Creek MI

SP 4 Ordnance (Enlisted) from
45B-Small Arms/Artillery Repairer
1992-1994, 45B, USAG Rock Island Arsenal (RIA), IL
Service years 1991-1994
1991-92, 45B, 51st Maintenance Battalion, 512th Maintenance Company
1992-94, 45B, USAG Rock Island Arsenal (RIA), IL
1991, Fort Dix (Basic Training), 3-26/1st
1991, Aberdeen Proving Ground (1st Battalion USAOC8S (AIT)), 35-91/3rd
Creates 100 pens for the Freedom Pens Project
(He was in the Reserves when I dated him and he had flat feet so I don't believe that he would have seen any action.  Check his actual military record for accuracy.)


(12-01-08 TO 12-31-08) 517-629-5025
(08-01-92 TO 11-30-08) 517-629-8143